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Exam is Upon Us...Again
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Thank god all of my quizes, tests, and presentation is over. Now I can finally take a break from all of the busy life at USM. In the next couple of week the final will start, which brings us to the part where everybody will facing their beloved lecture notes and text books, and not the internet.

So, here is my souvenir for my fellow 2nd year chemical engineers. Exam schedule for the upcoming final exam. Pardon me if there are no foreign language exam included (because of the limited space- and yeah, I know my logo take almost a third of it, so what?) and the design is too simple and quite dull. 

I'm wishing all of you happy reading your lecture notes and text books and good luck for the upcoming final examination.

Just click on the picture to view a larger size. To download it simply right click on the picture and choose "Save Image As"...

I'm currently testing a new web browser - Google Chrome. So far it perform magically fine- beautiful interface, great loading speed, etc. I think I'm in love with it... I will be using it for a week or two then I will decide whether I will continue using it or not.

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