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It's The Final Design
by Dark Light in , , ,

So after some time thinking, I finally came up with this logo. And yeah, I know its kinda lame and boring, but it is better than nothing. Making the DL logo based from my sketch to Photoshop/Illustrator is harder than I thought it would. First I use Illustrator-failed, I use Photoshop- failed again. And after several more failures, I use both and succeeded. Yay~!

Words flying around that I might get a deal designing Prestige (annual book/magazine for Desasiswa Jaya) Ver.2, Should I take it? Oh, FYI, I'm also the co-creator and the co-designer for this year first edition of Prestige.

This upcoming week I will be very busy with tests, quizzes, and presentations so expect less post from me. Wish me luck!
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