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Good Logo Design for Good Business
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Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking- since I'm now starting to charge when doing designing work, I need to came up with a good logo. A logo that represent my so-called design business. With empty head I started to make some logos and end up with a terrible designs. Now, I need my fellow friends and my blog readers (if I do have any), I need your advice to make a simple yet awesome logo for my "company". And yeah, here are some designs that I've done so far.

One more thing, my laptop is now making its first record- I haven't shut it down for a straight 33 days 22 hours and few minutes! Impressive but I found a melted rubber band behind my laptop- showing that keeping your laptop on day and night will generate heat- a lot of heat... I'm just glad that my laptop doesn't go kaput!

And fyi, currently I am busy with my studies so expect less not more post from me. :P

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