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My Desktop of the Week #9
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It's been awhile since my last post about my desktop because it's already becoming a 'must-do' post for me if I have any new visual style for my vista or a new wallpaper being made. So here is it- my new desktop look for this week. I made the wallpaper myself and following a tutorial from the web. I even tweak the tutorial to make it more perfect to go with my logo. And it does turn out good.

The red wallpaper is a special wallpaper, the JabbaWockeeZ Project. Made by yours truly.

During this exam week I've been feeling weird. While other people struggling to revise their studies, I on the other hand been sitting around watching movies, or even do nothing or anything actually except studying. It seems strange and I admit that I am not a genius or something like that. This feeling have made me come to this particular moment, where after two papers have passed- I did regret that I didn't make any effort to study at all. I messed up my Engineers in Society paper and wrecked the hell out of my Mathematical Method for Chemical Engineering paper. And still I have this feeling. Up until now I'm still not touched a single note, even just to look at it, except during the night before the paper. I'm in a deep shit, am I?
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