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Two Posters for Two Nights
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So here is the new poster for the upcoming Chemical Night. Changed the background because the theme for the night has changed. Some of you may already seen this on the notice board at your block or at the school itself.

As you can see at my shoutbox, Mr. Rourke contacted me for another job. It's for the Civil Night poster. Here is the finished design. And it is actually a bit better than Chemical Night poster :P.
And yeah, both looks a like somehow. And...and...I didn't get paid for it (T-T) Wuwuwwu... Maybe next time I need to state that my work must be paid or something, should I?

p.s.: Mr. Sallikin, I already watch Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula, and loving it! "Fikir masa depan, Mak Uda!" If you know what I mean... :P

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