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Horror movie anyone?
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Honestly speaking I'm not a big fan of horror/ scary movies. My first experience watching horror movie (Ju-on 2) in the cinema was clearly a bad idea. Very bad. I became paranoia, always checking under the bed, and hoping nothing's there. The paranoid continued for a month and from that time, I always tried to avoid to watch any horror movies, especially in the cinema...And what the hell am I telling everybody about this? Shit.

OK. Putting the fear aside, last week while having dinner with my friends, we talks about the upcoming Chemical Night. More specifically, about what to do to fill the tentative for the night. I've heard rumours that the 1st year is going to do choir with strange selection of songs. Ah! I'm not supposed to say more, but you get the picture.

So we came up with this crazy idea: a short horror movie for the night. The plan was to...aaa... no, no.... spoilers are not allowed.. Let's just say that the movie is to 'entertain' all the people during the night. Thus last night we went to the set and starts to shoot the movie. Yes, the production of the movie is still underway, so I can't say what will happen next.

The shooting went quite smoothly despite the rainy night and a busybody security guard. And I must say, there's only a little scary (actually I didn't feel anything) shooting horror movie. Maybe I will be if the end product is superb, huh?

Back from the set and having nothing to do, I started to work on the poster. The first try ended up to a plain-not-a-thing poster. But, today because my laboratory experiment doesn't take too much time (30 minutes only), I went back to my room and finished the poster. And here is the end result:

"It was dark was it not?" -quote taken from Achmed (Jeff Dunham's puppet)

Anyway, if you wanted to watch this (short) movie, make sure you be at USM Main Hall, 12 March (oh yeah, only for Chemical Engineering Student). And one more thing to take note, don't put your expectations up high to see this movie during the night, cause it might not be shown due to the producers busyness. Maybe next year. :P

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