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My Desktop of the Week #8
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Up until now, I have been very busy. But I manage to squeeze some time to post. So, here is my new desktop look (actually I have been using it for about 3 weeks or so). As usual, I'm using new theme but lately Vista themes are getting sucks, hardly I find a visual styles that I like. The Rocketdock icons are made by myself because it goes nicely with the desktop background (Leather & Carbon Fiber).

And yes, if you noticed, my laptop uptime is already reaching 11 days 7 hours. I hate to turn off my laptop if I want to go somewhere else, and that's what you get. Actually its not even a record. My personal record is actually 15 days but it was not recorded/print screened, thus no evidence.

By the way, the trailer for Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen is out! If you in USM Transkrian, you can find the trailer on some of the USM sharer's page and if not, you can easily find it in Youtube. New transformers that I can tell when watching the trailers are Arcee (A superbike) and Devastator (A construction vehicle, but rumors has it that its only a part of Devastator).

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