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The Late Update
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It's been a week since I want to post something on my blog but didn't have the will to do so. I've been slacking off almost everyday doing nothing at all. It is safe to say that I already becoming more and more lazier than before.

So last week I had a free dinner at Malam Mutiara Budi. With the guest of honor- the Vice Chancellor and some other important people. Judging from the decorations and the food served, I would say that my school are indeed loaded with money and loath to give it to us, especially the dean. Didn't believe what I just said? Take a look at the pictures I took below.

The menu of the night

The grand entrance

And each of us was given this bag. It contains a (real) rose and a (real) orange.

My table finished up almost 10 jugs of orange juice. And of course it came with a price, I urinated 3 times during the dinner and the other one after that. I have to say that I'm full that night. Here are a few snapshots.

Praying or asleep?

Knights of the Cheaply Round Table

Random shot


This is the first time I saw her with high heels.. :P

Then, last Wednesday our Annual General Meeting was held. The attendance was quite poor but the event is still running. Nothing to say more except congratulations to Ahmad Saufi and Ahmad Naufal for the position of YDP and NYDP.

Who wants pizza raise your hand~!

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