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Breaking Fast Till Breaking Dawn
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Well, not really till breaking dawn, but it does sound good. Last night Geng Bas Sekolah is on the roll again. This time it's an invitation/treat from Dr. MHU, breaking fast at some place 'grand'. The only thought that lingers my mind is that we will breakfast break our fast at a hotel, to be more exact, Hotel Seri Malaysia.

We starts our journey quite late, around 6.00 P.M., because Naufal and Saufi has a meeting with the HEPP at 5.15 P.M.. Then we went first to Dr. MHU's house to pick him up. It turns out that we was late and have to switch to a faster car (PHR 224).

My initial guess was the hotel was at Seberang Perai, which was proven wrong when he drove the car to the Penang bridge. Shoot, where the hell is he taking us to? To Bukit Jambul...

After stuck in a several traffic jam, tawaf circling a roundabout, we finally arrived at the place. I was quite shocked and excited at the same time. It was indeed a grand hotel (at least from what I see)- Equestrian Equitorian Hotel.

The parking alone cost RM 5.00. I wonder how much it will cost to eat inside...

And the answer is...

But the food is...
I'm full and gonna puke~

The food available there:
  • Various fruits
  • Mini cakes
  • Ice Cream!
  • ABC
  • Lemang
  • Bread
  • Roti Jala
  • Otak-otak
  • Satay
  • Mutton Beraini
  • Kebab
  • Rice of course
  • Kuey Teow
  • Meatballs
  • too many to remember...
This are the ABC stall. You can choose your own dressing for your ABC!

Even while writing this post (5.45 P.M.) I'm still thinking about the delicious foods they serve there. *drool~*

They even have a band playing while we were eating.

The band plays Aspalela when I snap this picture. Please ignore the headless waitress.

The service is good too. Your empty plate wont stay long on the table as they will pick it up for you. Sometimes even if the plate is not empty, they still cleared the table!

We stayed there till 9.45 P.M., filling up our stomach until it cracks. Went back and stop at Dr. MHU's new house (new TV, refrigerator and Astro!) for a sip of hot tea. Arrived at USM around 12 A.M.

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