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New Semester New Things
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Hello, everybody!

So it's a new semester. Something stays the same, something changed... Wait. Before I get to that point, let me tell you about the thing that I say that I bought in this post.

It's an 0 Raiser 1/144 model! Finally my first original Gundam model that I ever bought, well, it wasn't really a Gundam but wait, there's more...


I didn't buy the 0 Raiser alone. So, presenting 00 Gundam (pronounced Double-0 Gundam)! I bought both of them at RM70. Since a friend of mine said that he bought the same model in Queensbay for RM84, I considered myself lucky and without any hesitation, I took it home.


The 00-Raiser Gundam (00 Gundam + 0-Raiser) posed on top of my desk with my 'pirated' Freedom Gundam (which were broken).

Ah! Back to the new semester.. So on the same day that PTPTN deposited my money for this semester, I quickly took it out like, half of it. All of this because of this following picture.

Sony Ericsson C905

Yeah. A new phone. I have been eyeing this phone for quite some time, and finally got one. This baby got an 8.1 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio and Wi-Fi- which all I need in a phone (for now).

I chose this particular model because I always wanted a 7 megapixel (at least) digital camera and a FM radio in my phone. Plus, I always hate to be at a place with Wi-Fi availability and not using it. So, with this phone, it's like a dream came true. No, it's like a dream that becomes a wet dream!

A sample picture, taken this evening at Sport Complex a.k.a. Kompleks Sukan.

And now I'm back to being broke. ( -_-')

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