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A Journey to the South?
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Its been 3 weeks since my last post and frankly I got a lot of story to tell yet so lazy to post. Also a factor to the laziness is my phone's USB cable can't seems to connect itself to the computer. So no pictures available. But finally I made up my mind to post something in my blog. At least something.

This post maybe longer than I usually write, so bear with me.

Day One
Last weekend I went to KL for the thir--no, second time in my life. (Yeah, I've been to KL only twice, so what?) I went there to "join" the MOHE's (Ministry of Higher Education) Career Fair 2009 at PWTC. I know I'm a bit to early to find a job where myself didn't finished studying. Heck, I didn't even have a good CGPA.

I went there because I was invited by my fellow juniors to look out for the company related to engineering field for USM's very own Career Fair next year.

So the bus departs at 8 o'clock in a Friday morning, heading to the Main Campus in (Main Island) Penang. It took us about an hour and a half to get there whereas it usually only takes 45 minutes because of the morning's traffic jam on the bridge.

Then when we arrived, only 8 peoples were there. ...Huh, that was a waste of gas... It was a 40+ seat bus and only 20 peoples are in it. Wow... being an APEX university must really paying off.

We stopped at a couple R&R, first Bukit Gantang Selatan for some "relief" and a quick breakfast. Then we stopped at Tapah for lunch and prayer. We even stumble upon a group of FRU hanging out at the R&R. I said to myself, "What the hell are these guys came from?" Are there some upcoming riot in progress somewhere? Eventually I get over them and went donut-shopping at Dunkin' Donuts.

Some time about 3.45 P.M we arrived at PWTC. I know, why came straight here first, not the hotel. Well, I've been wondering the same. So we decided to go scout the area.

Apperently, the place that the bus cleary has drop us in front of PWTC. But strangely, we have to make our way into the place that I wish I didn't want to go into EVER- we have to go inside the UMNO headquarters, and walk past the Klang River, I think-- well at least I still address it as a river, I overheard someone talking to the phone and telling the person on the other line that he is at a pool--then address it as a lake.

Never imagine a human from or about to go to a career fair to say those dumb word. Did he never see a lake or a pool before? Or at least know how it look like?

That dumb dude aside, we went there and found out that applicant can register and upload their resume online and the resumes submitted will be send to all of the company's database automatically. Now that's what I call a brilliant system.

Even visitors like us have to take a visitor sticker. So we went inside and I felt that this is just as crowded as the PC Fair. So we walks around and pick up pamphlets that related to engineering.

The bus pick us up at 5 P.M and we're off to find our place to spend the night.

The problems hits us right about now. We wonders around Bangsar looking for our lodging. The worst part is the bus. It's a bad idea to use a bus to find your way here. Moreover, the lodging itself- Wisma Belia, seems to be invinsible to plain sight. The bus driver was asking around and came up empty.

It took us about 2 hours to find our lodgings. By the time we arrived there it's already 7 P.M. And yes, the so called 5 star hotel promised turns out to be a cheap-1 star-hotel-like lodging. Damn it. We got a room at 7th floor which need us to use the elevator.

The elevator is the other thing- it's so small and scary! You can feel a soft wind blowing on top of you. No, it was not an air conditioner, it was the air in the elevator shaft! Plus the stopping mechanism of the elevator feels like it might break any time soon!

Around 8.30 P.M, we went to Mid Valley Megamall to have some fun. But first we headed to the food court on the top floor to grab some dinner. After buying my food, i went in line for a drink and was told by the person in front of me that the drink stall is closing. Shit. What the hell man? It's only 9.50 P.M! After finished eating, I have to go to a fastfood restaurant to buy a soft drink. How suck is that? I feel like I'm at Parit Buntar all along.

We went back to our lodging at 11 P.M. When we arrived at our floor, we were shocked that the floor was flooded by water--that came from the toilet. Luckily, the floor in front of my room was a bit elevated thus the water didn't make it through into my room.

Then I went to sleep.

Day Two
I woke up at 6 A.M at went straight to the bathroom. I later realized that I was the only one and nobody was awake yet. So I quickly take a bath and went back to my room since the hallway itself feels kinda creepy at that time.

At 7 P.M we head down to have breakfast and learned that we will be checking out some time around 9.30 P.M--which was different that what we have been told before-- it was supposed to be 3 days and 2 nights. But actually i feel kinda relieved that it was only a night here. All the terrible experience I have here make me want to go back to USM quickly.

Today the plan was to go hangout at Times Square-- since we feel that the pamphlet we collected yesterday was adequate enough. The bus driver refused to drop us at Jalan Imbi, so we set off to Times Square using LRT from The Mall.

The bus driver already told us to gather back at PWTC at 2 P.M. which only gives us 4 hours. Minus the time taken to get there, we only have roughly 2 hours. And it definely bums us out.

So Naufal and I went to LowYat Plaza instead. We walk around and window shopping. and went back to have lunch at The Mall--which later I changed my mind because of something.

At 2 P.M. as promised the bus arrived and picked us up. Then somewhat the bus took us back to Times Square to spend some time there before going back to USM. Shit, that was unexpected. So we waste another 3 hours there.

During that time, I stumble upon a shop. A shop that will always attracts me to go in and check it out what's inside. I ended up spending RM70 at that shop-- buying something that I like-- which I will tell later in the next post.

At 5 P.M. we headed home and arrived around 12 A.M.

p.s.: Actually there are many more events happened. I just don't feel like writing it. And it will totally end up like I was writing a short novel.

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