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Semester IV Wrap Up
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My fourth semester here at USM is officially ended. It was a busiest semester so far for me. Meetings, class, more meetings... So here are some things that I've done or happened during the semester.

1. The movies that I've seen during this semester:

2. Went to Pikom PC Fair at PISA (Penang International Sports Arena). Bought a mouse, a 4GB thumbdrive, and a wireless headphone.

3. Adding one more movie-goers. Presenting Dr. Hekarl Uzir!

Dr. Hekarl speeding at the highway. Check out the speedometer. :P

4. First time went to Nando's.
5. First time went to Kenny Roger's Roasters.
6. My house are renovated.
7. New price at my usual barbershop.
8. My mom quits her job (which led to the house renovation).
9. Went to Pesta Pulau Pinang for the second time since I was a kid.
10. New 320GB hard disk which is now in full capacity.
11. New jacket.
12. Made 2 posters for 2 annual dinner.
13. Discovered Taylor Swift. She's on fire!
14. Made a logo for my works.
15. Designed 2 T-shirt for EE school.
16. And I wish to go on and on but it will much longer post...

So, that's my semester, how's yours?

I wonder what the future semester promise?

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