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2 Robots, A Buffalo and A Bison
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Last weekend Saufi, Naufal & me went to Queensbay. They wanted to buy some clothes there while I have other thing in particular to buy there. So we took off around 11.30 AM. When arrived there, our stomach starts to growl in hunger. After a quick scan around the lower ground floor, we decided to eat at Manhattan Fish Market. We have an appetizer and then move on to the main course- which both are almost the same except for the quantity of the food.

The Main Course

As quoted from Mr. R4Z0RG4D3 , "Just Make sure korang bring a "biiiiiig" appetite ..."And surely enough, our appetite isn't big enough and we failed to finished the whole meal (5% remained uneaten).

After lunch, we walk around to find a shop - RobotMaster. Oh yes, you know what I want... So say no more, presenting GN-007 Arios Gundam.

GN-007 Arios Gundam

And I also bought a Destiny Gundam for Naim. I have no picture of the Gundam but this is all I have. The Destiny Gundam was on the bed with an odd pose (of my doing).

He was actually doing the wings for the Gundam.

So, add the Arios Gundam with this:

And we get...this:

Don't attack me~~!!
A diorama!

Ok, enough talk about the Gundam. After that, we went in Jusco to bought some shirt and pant. We even came into contact with Mr. BlueCrystalDude who was also there to buy some shirt for his upcoming industrial training presentation.

Then we stop by Seberang Perai's PC Depot to buy a 500GB hard disk - Buffalo Mini Station since my 320GB hard disk was already full of crap (movies and TV series).

We went back to Parit Buntar to buy another thing. A Bison mini plier for cutting the model kit because the last time I assemble the Gundam, I cut my fingers for several times.

Who says that bison has to be big?

And now I am really really really broke.

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