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EE T-shirt Design
by Dark Light in ,

After finished the ORKEET T-shirt Designing job, another job pops out. And this time, it's the School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering Student Society (a.k.a. SEE) wants me to design for their tee. Honestly speaking, I'm still in my 'no-idea' state...

I have finished some of the designs before, but all of them have some fatal flaw- the language I was using on the design is Bahasa Malaysia and didn't include Mechatronic as well. So I have to redo all design and manage to came up with two extra designs. If you want to take a look at the designs, please go here.

And when finishing up this post, I found out that the fourth design have been chosen. The amazing thing is both design3 and design4 was done in just a couple of hours. Today. Hmm~~~ Next job, finishing the poster for Chemical Night. And thankfully I have something in my mind already...

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