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ORKEET T-Shirt Design
by Dark Light in ,

Last two week my friend in EE school ask me to design for his organization, for the upcoming ORKEET. I think it's supposed to stand for 'Orientasi Kejuruteraan Elektrik & Elektronik' or something like that. A lot of brainstorming for the design and to be honest, I'm kinda suck at it. So here is some of the prototype designs.

And of course the chosen design is not displayed here. Client privileged. :p Some suggestion to improve my designs is totally welcomed.

Today's the election day in the campus, and the truth is, I hate to go to my school just to vote. Darn it. Why they have it so damn hard?? I just want to have a good-extra-morning sleep because there's no class until 2 P.M.

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