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15th Chemical Anniversary: What I Did That Day?
by Dark Light in ,

Last Saturday all of the Chemical pupils gathered in the Main Hall (DU) whether they like it or not - to celebrate the 15th Chemical Anniversary. They also invited some primary and secondary school kids and even the native (orang asli) students. Palapes, some of representatives from SEE, MPDJ and MPDL are also invited.

But invited especially from Perak is Tuanku Zara Salim, as the honourable guest at the morning, (she's actually a chemical engineer) with someone called Datuk Syahbandar or Orang Kaya something like that. But damn, she looks better tha her picture shown on the main screen.

All of them look like they wanna start a riot- but actually they just wanna take a closer look at Tuanku Zara Salim.

She visited Prof. Rahman's booth first. This is the best picture of her.

All in all, she just basically came here for the opening ceremony, a little visit to some of the booth, then eat. Then she left.

So, forget about that. Now, at the Main Hall's foyer, there is a wishing tree. All you have to do is (supposedly) write a wish for the future generation or something like that. But instead, all you see is -"I want USD$10,000,000!", "I want to get married soon", and some more silly stuff that you can think of. Hey, I even write "I want a Bugatti Veyron". No harm in wishing that, right?

That's the card that you have to write your wishes on, a lot of shapes and colours!

So, to encourage more poeple to write, they offer a lot of gift- as you can see on the picture above- two design pen with about 3 different colour or small cube chocolate. There is also a special gift which is a Ferrero Rocher! But all I saw is, all of the Ferrero Rocher was taken by the committee members and staff. On average, a box of it will be emptied in 30 seconds or less! The morning event finished around afternoon with lunch served for free to all.

The Wishing Tree. "Be careful for what you wish for..."

As for the evening, I've been assigned to be the fasilitator for the primary school kids. And I don't like it at first, but it's get better. For primary school, the activities prepared for them are -a 550 pieces of rounded jigsaw puzzle, a fake Jenga, simple quizzes, and some tour to our school.

Some fasilitator even suprised me. For example this one, he actually enjoys to talk to them even though there is another activities awaits the kids.

The group were a combination of two school, normal primary kids and the native primary kids. No, I didn't mean to categorized them, but the natives is a bit slow. And when playing Jenga, I saw that the 'normal' kids conquers the game and didn't even bother to share it with them. Well, kids can be kids (I was gonna say 'jerk'). After I intervened, only then they got a chance to play along. Around 5.30 P.M. the events ended and I went back to my room tired... And even until now, I even feel sleepy...zzz..... (-_-)

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