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The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done Before Exam
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Yup, it's examination week and tomorrow (today) suppose to be my first paper. Yet, USM is having blackout for 8 'long and hot' hours, so me and my friends decided to go to our friends house at Penang. Our intention was purely to find a cold and comfy place to study for the paper (Yup, I'm not lying!). But yes, who didn't think about the sweet stuff that my friend have in her home... it's a... wait... Rewind <<.

Let's start the story on 2nd of November... We all aware of the blackout, and it's clearly said that it'll be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. So around 9.30 a.m., we were messagging each other to get ready. But Saufi says that it would be to early to go. Here is some (ok, all) of our conversation...

X Freemen: wake up!!!!
X Freemen: hah
X Freemen: there you are
X Freemen: hurry up and get ready

Oh, I should mention here, he's the one who's waking up late.

Saufi: are we on?
Me: of coz
Saufi: the electricity looks fine to me..
Me: just wait la
Me: they probably already at the grid line
Me: or
Me: do you want to wait until the blackout?
Me: then we'll roll out
Saufi: ok2
Saufi: wait up, i'll take a bath
Me: hurry

After awhile...

X Freemen: ready yet?
Saufi: what's the rush?
Saufi: wait until the electricity's gone.
Me: hmm
Me: ok2
Me: let's just put it this way
Me: blackout
Me: everybody gather at cafe
Me: ok?
Saufi: if the blackout at 1 p.m.
Me: there
Me: then?
Saufi: that's perfect..
Me: ok2
Me: 10.50 a.m. or blackout
Me: which one comes first
Me: we go
Me: how 'bout that?
Saufi: that's it
Me: ok

By the time we was chatting, it was already 10.30 a.m. and still no blackout. So we wait until which came first; the blackout or 10.50 a.m.. Then when 10.50 a.m come, miracles happens. Both of our call came at the same time! I felt like a wizard somehow... Ahhahaha...

So we begin our journey to the promised land...

Then Naufal stumble upon this billboard- which happens we got a friend named Bob and also a smoker. Ahahaha~~~ :D

Everything was fine before Zohor prayer. All of us studied with not a lot of interuptions (most of it from Naim).

This is happen when you are in exam week.

And this is the main reason for us to be there! Nyahahaha~~~ It's Playstation 2!!!

And our main dish for this is Guitar Hero III. Hehehe... my skill are getting better! Then we play D.O.N. (which stands for Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto) [Picture above is us playing it] and Bleach (I chose Kenpachi whoa!! The game even got BanKai!)

And yes, after Asar, I spend most of my time playing those games rather than study. Actually I already ecpect this is going to happen (more like I planned to). So I play and play until Maghrib.

At 8 p.m. we head back to our boring life at USM... Continue to study..study...and more study... Errghh~~~

And today was my first paper and yes, the consequenses of too much playing around were paid well. I spend most of the time staring at the ceiling hoping the answers written there. Aaa~~~ I'm doomed~~~!!! Kampei~~~!!

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