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The NeverEnding Debt?
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If you're thinking that I'm in some kind of in debt with "Ah Long", no it's not. This post might be a bit offensive to some people (if they are reading), so I'll try to be discreet.

It's about a certain events that have been made into "national level" that was held about couple of months ago. Yes, some of you might know it, and some doesn't. If you don't, please don't try to mind so much about it. My advise is- watch and take note.

I've heard many of my friends about this particular event have so many problem... Before, while, after and even up until now this event still came up with new kind of problems (Or should I say this in bahasa- "Rumah dah siap, tapi pahat masih berbunyi").

The "before" problem is that the original lineup of people who supposed to handle this events. The "project leader", failed to show any progress in his/her paperwork, and wasted a hell lot of time. After the "higher-ups" fired this "project leader", he/she then find someone else that is capable to handle such a big event... Then the new "project leader" (bidan terjun) gasping for help as the time closing in to the deadline.

"While" the event was held, came a new problem where some of the contestants didn't satisfied on the judging skill (or should I say the judge itself). This problem caused the event to be postponed because of the unprofessional-ism and ignorance of this particular "group".

"After" the event finished, came new problems- the particular "group" spread their mislead knowledge to their friends (and making a big fuss about it), some other show the mistakes and social behaviour that the organizer make (not a direct approach, but still ok), and the "higher-ups" questioning on how the organizer handle the event.

And so it happened. I thought this issue was already in the past until today I overheard my friends discussing about this. The problem arises "now" is that the organizer up until now still have a lot of unpaid debt. The judges, foods and sound system are some of the unsettled things.

Wow! I mean it's already 2 months over, but the payment haven't being done. FYI, the payment doesn't involved hundred bucks, ok? It's thousands of ringgit of unpaid debt we are talking here! I still remember statement made by one of the "higher-ups" promised to the organizer that this matter will be solved by their side.

But unfortunately, until today, the account in this event still doesn't change. I think it's about RM 12 000 of sweet money still doesn't show up in the account. Where the hell did it go? It's a large sum of money to vanished just like that. Hmm... I leave it to you readers to ponder about it.

Now many of my friends (the organizer) are getting calls- "Where's our money?". They told me that they don't have anything to do with the events anymore. It's up to the "higher-ups" to answer the question now, I think.

p.s.: I'm just a medium to show the problem, don't put all tha blame on me. And most importantly, I just gonna watch it from behind and see what will happen... :P

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