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Crisis On Earth, No, Chemical School
by Dark Light in ,

Around 4.15 p.m. today when I was surfing the web and all of a sudden, Pak Abu send me a messege.

Pak Abu: wei
Pak Abu: did u get naufal's message?
Me: heh
Me: what message?
Pak Abu: he said...
Pak Abu: wait

Then he forwarded me the text message. The message says:

"Urgent. If your friends phone's off, please tell them. Dr Mashitah Just called me and babble about some of us who didn't submit the term paper.I know most of us is already handed over the paper and some send it to Dr Hekarl . But she said that she didn't get it. Please go to our school to find your term paper. Some of the name are- F***, Naim, J********,E*****,O* **** ****,A*****,L** *** ***,F******,S******, S*** ****,T** *** *** AND MANY MORE! So, get to the school to check whether your paper is there or not. If not, you'll fail the subject."

Pak Abu: get it?
Pak Abu: my message
Me: yup
Pak Abu: so?
Pak Abu: wanna go?
Pak Abu: fail, man
Pak Abu: I'm scared
Me: my name there
Me: eh
Me: not there
Pak Abu: look what he said
Me: cehh
Me: that's because your name is in the list
Pak Abu: i hate this
Pak Abu: seriously, read it properly
Pak Abu: are you sure?
Me: I'm checking
Me: Wait

After checking with my group, I still can't get an answer. So I went there to check it myself. And yes, a lot of us are there too.

If you think this is not a lot...

A piece of evidence: 10+ of shoes/slippers.

Dr Mashitah is getting confused with the situation+all of us crammed in her room at a time. :P

After checking my group's term paper is there (an I even get to know our marks for the paper- 9/10, yippie~~!!), I hang out for some time to see what happen next.

So thing are starting to get worst. Dr Hekarl was actually on vacation/on work (I don't know which one) at Bali/Hyattyai (Still don't know which). And he didn't reply any of Dr Mashitah's message. At least 25 people's marks are depends on his hand now or else...there is no tomorrow.

So Dr Mashitah's personal assistant try to call Dr Hekarl and get through. So he told that he is on his way to his office. Phew! Most of us feel a bit relieved.

Then everybody rushed to his office to get their term paper. Arriving at his office, with his innocent face he says, "I don't have your papers."

Hah!! Everybody shocked. Then Mr. L** K** P** storms in his files to look for the term paper. "Sir, the papers are here.." he said. "Oh?" Dr Hekarl said. "OK, take it," he continues with no sign of guilt in his face (apparently he didn't even look where the papers are).

All of the take the papers and went back to Dr Mashitah's office to hand it over. Although at first,-the miscommunication between Dr Mashitah and Dr Hekarl that made it is does seems like a crisis, but it's nothing happens actually... And I just wasted an hour or so to solve a problem that is not there. Aiii....

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