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My New Desktop of the Week
by Dark Light in

My desktop screenshot (16 October 2008)

Lemme explain about the thing on my desktop...
  1. This is Rocket Dock's Stack Docklet. Basically it's just shortcuts for applications and folders.
  2. This is Yahoo Widget's Informer. Lotsa good thing you can put here including: CPU usage, disk usage, memory usage, swap usage, system uptime, WiFi, battery life, Recycle Bin/Trash, Internet resources (RSS feeds, IMAP4/POP3 MailBoxes and Gmail Inbox), etc., and displays it on your desktop.
  3. That just a Windows Media Player 11 skin called Alien Invader. The best-looking skin of all (for now)...
It will take some time to download the all of it since some of it is a large file... Just be patient... N enjoy your new desktop (If your want to install it...) :p

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