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The Funny Dinnertime Story
by Dark Light in ,

Last night my friends and I went for dinner at a place called Tomyam B****** (I refused to share the name because it’s a special place and don’t want to many people there). Like I said, when we arrived, there’s nobody there (of course the workers are there, I meant customers!) and we ordered. I ordered my one and only menu each time that I’ve went for dinner- Nasi Goreng Daging Merah + Telur Dadar + Watermelon Juice. But one of my friend, Ain is very fuzzy about her order, (hey, don’t blame me) and it took awhile to finish. While waiting for the food, we had a little conversation (OK, you know what? Ain is there, it wasn’t a little)…

The conversation started when we discussed about one of our course mates, Christine that loves daydreaming. Here is some of the conversation…

Naim: There is nothing wrong about daydreaming…

Naufal: Hey, she’s not only daydreaming, she kinda image it- like where she gonna get married and stuff.

Naim: That’s what we called planning the future… I think I’ll do the same. Why not I just wait for someone to propose me after the graduation?

Ain: Yeah. Why don’t you post an ad in the newspaper about that?

Saufi: Wait, you can do it on your own blog… Why not?

Me: Hah! You can put the title- ‘Handsome Man Looking for Wife’. Add some more descriptions, what kinda girl do you want?

All of us laugh. Then I add some more...

Me: Hey, why don’t you sell yourself on E-Bay?

Big laugh fills the restaurant. I’m glad that when we did that there is only one couple with their little baby (and again, the workers). Ain started to take photos of Naim. And sent me the picture… What did I do with that? Hey, I meant what I said. So this is it…

After that, (oh, did I forget something? Ain is riding her motorcycle with Wani. The four of us take Naufal’s car) while on the car, Naim again thinking about what would be the topics he want to discuss in his blog. Out of nowhere he started to ask us riddles.

Naim: What cow did everyone is looking for?

Naufal: Umm… Aaa… no idea.

Me: I know this one, lemme answer it.

Naim: If you know, you should keep quiet.

Me: Hey, you never asked me the question before, lemme answer it! Aah~~ the answer is simple, it’s the missing cow!

Naim: Dammit! Hurmm… OK, other riddle- what kind of horse that have only two legs?

Saufi: That is easy! It’s ‘kuda kepang’!

Me: Yup, that’s it. It’s ‘kuda kepang’.

Naufal: Naim, I think you should post this on your blog- all the riddles- and let the readers answers it. There, you have something now.

Me: Geh! All of the riddles are stupid one. Why don’t give this riddle- who in our school is the laziest of all?

Naim: Damn you! (In case you didn’t know, yes, he is the laziest :P)

Naufal: Wait, wait! Don’t just answer it like that! This is interesting! I choose letter ‘A’!

Me: Wheels of Fortune, ey? Lemme continue that- Oh, there are 3 ‘A’s.

Naufal: Yeah! Again, again- I choose letter ‘Z’!

Me: Hey, don’t you forgetting something? Spin the wheel first! And don’t forget to say –“Saya putar, Halim!” (If you even watch Roda Impian, you will know).

Naufal: Oh yeah! Saya putar, Halim! - Ah! RM500! – I choose letter ‘Z’!

Me: Aah… Unfortunely, there is no ‘Z’ at all…!

Naufal: OK, Saufi, it’s your turn!

Naim: Cut it out!

Again, we laugh very hard until Naufal started to laugh like Syahmi- a well-known boy in our school that laugh like a horse. (Not kidding!) Then we continue our laughing at Naufal. It's a very unlucky day for Naim...

Finally Naim came up with an idea on his blog… It’s about….. Come on, if you are interested, you should check it out at Naim’s blog! (Dunno whether he already started on it or not, confirmed it yourself)

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