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Fresh from the Oven
by Dark Light in ,

This is my new artwork. It took me the whole day to finish this (actually it's only about 10 hours). I started this in the evening (drawing phase) and the long coloring phase in the night until now (It's 2.30 a.m.).

This is actually my first run after reading tutorials on how to color artwork in the web. It very confusing (a little but very-very confusing if you are a beginner). So, whaddya think? Comments and suggestion are welcome!!!

  1. The original sketch.
  2. Adjusted level. The guide for coloring process.
  3. Added base color.
  4. Added Depths and Highlights (the shadows).
  5. Added album cover (Muse's Black Holes & Revelations), button color, and hair highlights.

Adding background (the original sketch).

Adding background (people on shopping complex).

I'm getting sleepy... Ahh... Zzz... Hah! Forget something...

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