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Hire Me!
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It was a busy month for all students of any university - quizzes, tests, VIVA, projects, you name it. And this update was done just because it was weekend.

As you know, I'm in my third year of study at USM. By the end of next semester I will go for my internship at one of 'chosen' company. Taking advices from my fellow seniors and friends, I decided to make my first ever resume, for applying for internship.

And if you understand me very well, a simple resume won't work for me. So I came up with this with Photoshop.

Important things like my address, IC number has to be blurred to prevent identity theft. LOL.

Of course the picture was changed for fun. My target was it to be simple but stunning resume. What do you think?

On the next post, the exam schedule for Chemical Engineers 3rd year. Wait for it!

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