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How was Your Holiday?
by Dark Light in ,

It's been almost 3 weeks in my holiday and nothing interesting happened.

Everyday it's like a scheduled life... So boring... Didn't trust me? Let's go through what I did in a day.

7.00 A.M.- Sleeping~~~
2.00 P.M.- Wake up a moment, Zohor prayer.
2.15 P.M.- Feeling sleepy again. Continues to sleep.
5.00 P.M.- Enough sleep I think. Time to get up- take a shower, Asar prayer- the whole shebangs.
5.30 P.M.- Feeling hungry, eat my very late lunch (or should I say dinner?).
6.00 P.M.- Finding today's newspaper. Scan through the papers and only read something interesting.
7.30 P.M.- Maghrib prayer.
8.00 P.M.- Turns on the laptop. Either watch some movies or series, listen to some tunes, playing games or spending time with Photoshop.
9.00 P.M.- Stop awhile. Isyak prayer.
9.15 P.M.- Continue what I done earlier. And the time goes...
6.00 A.M.- Before going to sleep, Subuh prayer.

And the cycle goes on and on... If I'm lucky, some of my friends will call me to hangout at Nasi Kandar Nasmir. Well, atleast they have Wi-Fi.

Damn it! I've been living in a dull life. I wish I had a G5 (a private plane if you didn't know), then I can fly everywhere I wanted.

Enough about me, what about you guys? What did you have done lately?

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