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2 Days, 2 'Man's, 2 Hundred ++ of Loss Money
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First of all, I would like to wish a warm welcome from a month (more or less) of holidays for the USM students. Welcome back to eats up more crap in this university and vomit it all out on the finals again- as Pak Abu says.

The last friday, my friend and I went for a movie. Although my money was in a small amount for a decent fun, I still go for it.

We decided to watch Yes Man- starring the funny Jim Carrey and the cute Zooey Deschanel. It's a story of a man that always says 'NO' to everything in his life. His have a dull life because of the 'NO' until he decided to attend a seminar- "YES! Is the new NO". The movie was pretty dull in the beginning but gets better in the middle when he started to say YES to everything in his life. He say yes just about everything- to enlarged his penis, date a persian chick, help a homeless poeple, even blowjob by an old woman- but everything leads to good thing. And if he say no, bad thing starts to fall on him. I like to go on about the story but I hate giving spoilers to you.

The next day, I get the news that money is on the bank (PTPTN). Oh yeah, party time! Without any hesitation, I took out RM200++ to buy a new hard disk- sweet 320GB HD. Hahaha~~~

Say hello to new my hard disk~~~

Then I drag my friends to watch a movie again. This time- 'IP Man' (pronounced 'Yip Man', say it in Mandarin!- Not 'men' but 'man') starring action actor Donnie Yen. This movie is based on a true story of a martial art sensei- Bruce Lee's sensei. This movie serves us with stunning fight scene -a lot of it- and we just can't get enough of it!

The tickets...

I even stumble upon my uncle in the parking lot. And ends up in the same cinema hall watching Ip Man. I just wish he kept it a secret from my parents. If they found out, I'll be doomed~~~

Actually it supposed to be 3 days, and 3 'Man's -CicakMan 2-Planet Hitam- but we couldn't make it...

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