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The Take is Over, now Party time!
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Just finished my last paper today and baby, we're gonna party tonight. But, if you asked me about the papers... err... Ok. Here's a quick review on what happened.

First paper, Mass Transfer- It's very **Cough**. If something like this continues...

Second paper, Fluid Flow- Why this is happening?! **Cough Badly**

Third paper, Energy Balance- Wow! It's look damn eas--**Cough Blood**

Fourth paper, Academic English- I think I can handle this... **Raising eyebrow** Err... maybe.

Final paper, Biotechnology for Engineers- Walauwei~~~ It's something good insid-- **Vomit blood** x_x

So, that sums up on what's going on in this two weeks of exam.

Trivia: On the last day of the final, the most interesting happened!

#1: Record breaking- about 20-30 pupils of chemical engineering went to the toilet during the exam!

#2: Personal record breaking- Muhammad Syahmi for 3 times "attending" the toilet. Followed by Naim (2 times)

p.s.: Is there some hidden notes in the toilet?

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