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The F***ing Fogging
by Dark Light in ,

It's been a hell of a week. The first fogging-to fire drill-and another fogging. Yes, I can understand the first fogging is because there have been a couple cases of dengue fever in the campus. But do you really need to do it twice a in week?? Don't you know that you're ruining my evening??

The second fogging came out nowhere without any notice, just a sound of hailer... and all of a sudden.. they are already starts to fog! One of my friends quote,
First fogging can kill the mosquitoes, but the second fogging can kill both mosquitoes and humans.

The chaos fog is at the bottom; white in color. The top- darker- is actually smoke from nearby factory. Don't get it all mixed up!

Then we have to wait for 45 minutes at the cafe for the fog to disappear (not all). And when I got back, the floor was slippery (and smells). Even in the room! They got into my room and made the floor slippery (again smells and something weird about it, it's "undescribeable"). That is just NICE! VERY NICE!!!

Foods: Contaminated
Clothes: Contaminated
Health: Contaminated
Laptop: Uncontaminated :P

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